Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Essential Cooking Utensils for Any Kitchen

Like any art, cooking is done best when you have the proper tools at your disposal. For those who cook at home and those who cook in restaurants alike, the right equipment will make all the difference in both the labor that goes into your task and the quality of the final product. Whether you are stocking a brand new kitchen or redoing a kitchen that needs a refresher, reviewing this basic rundown of the most critical cookware to have may help you as you select and stock up on your utensils.

Quality Knives

No matter what kind of cooking you do, having a quality set of knives is going to make your job easier. Good knives will have you cutting quicker and applying less pressure, which also leaves you less likely to make a mistake and cut yourself. The type of knives you choose is going to depend entirely on the type of cooking that you perform frequently. If you are in a restaurant this is probably a bit more predetermined, but for home cooking you are going to want options to allow for a lot of versatility. A large chef's knife is a no brainer, and other than that you should aim for a range of sizes, blade types (serrated or smooth) and grips, so you can chop, dice, and slice with ease.

Cooking Spoons

A nice set of cooking spoons is another critical part of your utensil list. A spoon is an item of which you will probably want a measure of variety. Basic mixing spoons are offered in a surprising amount of options. A basic mixing spoon will be oval shaped and flatter than a table spoon or soup spoon. You will also want to get one with some more depth, one with holes so you can more easily stir things with liquid bases, and a ladle shaped spoon so liquids can be scooped. Smaller spoons will also be necessary for mixing individual ingredients. It may help to consider what you usually would be mixing, and what features might make that job easier.

Food Turners

There are a variety food turner options a bit more complex than your basic spatula. Longer shapes with more flattened edges can let you carefully flip even the most delicate foods without damaging the presentation. Some food turners have slots in them, allowing juices to drip or creating an attracted imprint on certain dishes when pressed. This is a very versatile tool that you will likely be using to prod and flip all kinds of dishes, so it is wise to invest in a good quality turner.

Jumat, 13 Juli 2012

You Can Never Be Overly Prepared For Disaster With A Survival Food Supply And Water Supply

Most families and businesses do not like thinking about meeting with a terrorist attack or natural disaster in their area. However, we are not in control of such events happening, and should a hurricane or earthquake hit it may be hours before emergency help arrives and even worse yet, it may be days before you are discovered under the ruble of what used to be your office or home. How would you and your family survive without food and water supplies? As we all know one can survive without food for a few days, but you will not survive without water for longer than a day.

You can now easily extend the number of days with a 72 hour kit. Even though many people think that the Red Cross will rescue them and provide them with aid, in reality after a major disaster how many people realistically are reported alive after 72 hours when they have experienced fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornado or terrorist attacks. If your business or home is properly prepared you won't have to worry about a survival food supply, as your 72 hour kit has all the supplies you will need to get you through 72 hours.

All you are required to add to a 72 hour kit is some comfortable clothing and then store the kit in a safe zone where it is easily accessible. If anyone in the family suffers from diabetes or a heart condition, make sure you pack in sufficient medications to last the person for at least three or more days. You also need to check the survival food supply and medication expiry dates at least every six months. Although at the time of packing you survival supplies, it may seem as if you have abundance of items, but in the event of you being stranded for three or more days, you will be surprised how quickly your supplies get consumed.

In particular, one should take the time to make sure that their elderly relatives and friends are well equipped with a survival kit and at the same time, take time to explain to them how to make use of all the items and what they should do in the event of a disaster taking place, as this could save their life. Bear in mind that worldwide, people are not only facing threats from natural disasters but also from enemies that do not hesitate attacking various countries. In addition to preparing the elderly, you also need to prepare your children for such events.

Never rely on cell phones or telephones, always make sure you have a sound backup plan in place, in the event the family becomes separated. Make sure the contact details of relatives and friends are included in the kit, as well as maps and other relevant information. Once can never be overly prepared for a disaster especially a sufficient survival food supply and water supply. At the same time make sure you also have a vehicle safety kit of which can all be obtained online.